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Opener...mirror. (Humor, etc. Break the ice).

God is what most people call Him.

Moses knew Him by His, Yahweh or "I Am."

He has other names too, like El (Powerful or Mighty), El Elyon (Most High), El Shaddai (God Almighty), Jehovah (Lord) and many many more...

He is known as "The Creator."

The Ancient of Days.

The invisible Spirit.



The Trinity.

Jesus called Him, "Abba" or Father, quite literally "Daddy."

God literally has many names and attributes that we attempt to define Him by.

But I would like to suggest two new names that aren't found diractly in scripture yet strongly implied...

The Greatest Romantic and

The Author and Director of the World's Grandest Production

Today (tonight) I am going to introduce you to the story of God in a way you have probably never heard it before. Most of the time we humans tend to lose sight of the forest for the trees. (pic) Let me explain.

Picture with me that are are all at a giant parade. There are three primary locations you can experience the parade from.

You Can Be...

1. IN the parade on a float, or marching in a band.

2. On the SIDELINE watching the parade, or

3. In the blimp in the SKY watching and giving hightlights.


Most of us watch the parade sideline. (pic) All we are able to see is what is right in from of us. We can see a few hundred feet left and right and it usually takes an hour or two to see the whole thing. Not so with God.

God is watching the parade from the blimp in the sky. (pic) He can see the whole thing from beginning to end the entire time. Here's the amazing thing. He isn't watching the parade, He is watching your reaction to the parade. He takes tremendous delight in seeing your delight. God staged the entire parade just so He could watch you. 

Today (tongith) I want to to take you into the blimp and show you God's story from beginning to end as He sees it. This is God's story, the story of humanity and history (his-story). This is your story, this is my story...this is God's Wild Dream.


Before the dawn before time...

Brief intro to plot and some of the characters.

All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players (actors)....


                                                                                                      William Shakespeare

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