God: What is His wild dream? Simply put, His dream is to orchestrate an untamed love story between His Son, Jesus and you as His bride. Much like a romantic fairytale, for centuries God has been writing and directing a grand saga about a dragon, a conquering knight and a maiden in distress. God’s heart is so wild, He dreams of love and romance the way knights used to dream of rescuing a princess. Am I stretching my imagination too much? Then ponder these thoughts with me for a moment.

In eternity past, while God was still alone, His heart devised the dream above all dreams: a love story of epic proportions so outrageous that it would span millennia and encompass billions of people. In God’s own fairytale, He would be the Superhero of His own story – after all, He was writing the story. Being the best-selling author history has ever known - the Bible, and an astoundingly loving Father, God wanted to express His love for His only Son by allowing Him to marry a gorgeous bride. She would return His affections with total abandon: all her heart, strength, soul and mind. In order for Jesus’ bride to love Him with such complete abandon, she needed to be a maiden in distress – longing to be saved, because she was captive by a villain: the great dragon.

Having been captive by the dragon through fear and sin, the bride longed to be set free. Just at the right moment in history, the Father sent  Jesus to rescue His bride and free her from the captivity of the dragon once for all time. This my friends is the message of Bible: a knight, a dragon, and a maiden in distress who longs to be rescued. This is the story that God Himself has been writing for millennia. This is what makes God the wildest dreamer.