David currently offers three presentations:




God's Wild Dream is an overview of his new book and is a great starting place if you want to understand the message of the Bible on an entirely new level. During this talk, David will share a bird's eye view of God's story that He has been writing for centuries. You will discover a Father who loves His Son so profoundly that he dreamt up a grand love story in an effort to give Him a bride (the church). You will learn that Jesus is a knight much like the knights of medieval times and that He has three primary motivations: lover, conqueror and King. You will gain a profoundly new appreciation for the Bible like you've never seen it before. This is a perfect talk for any setting but especially churches.


This talk assumes you understand the plot of God's story that He has been writing for thousands of years (or that you have read God's Wild Dream). Once you comprehend God's story and grand production, the next logical question is, "Which character to I play?" This talk an overview of the twelve main characters in God's word . David touches on some of these main characters is his book, but not all of them. This talk is designed for people who want the "bigger picture" of all that characters that God has written into His storyline so that you can determine which part you play and your character. 



Coming soon.