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About the Author


David River is a God lover, an entrepreneur, author, poet, and inspirational life coach who can best be described as a 'grand romantic.'


Being an adrenaline junkie, he likes to jet ski, go boating, hike trails, and climb mountains, all while listening to virtually every genre of music.


In college, he double majored in both Biblical Studies and Psychology. Having worked in both psychiatric hospitals and ministries in his 20's, he eventually launched his first business. During his 30's, 40's, and 50's he estasblished and lead successful businesses in both Titusville, Florida and also Nashville, TN. 


However, in early 2015 he felt a deep stirring by God to leave it all behind to chase a lifelong dream buried deep within his own heart. Because of his wild heart and rather unusual life-long experiences, he gave up his past, began writing this book, and founded a life coaching organization that helps people discover their life purpose/calling with his teaching ‘The 7 Keys to Paradise.’ The 7 Keys are explained within this book and on his website at

Ultimately, David believes that God has written the greatest love story of all time within the Bible, and Jesus came to explain it with the theme of ‘the Kingdom of God.’  The Kingdom is God’s elevator pitch to summarize how you can discover ultimate joy and fulfillment by discovering and fulfilling your life calling.  Ultimately, it is a story about the Church (theBride-to-be) and Jesus and their divine love.

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